6HEAD Gold A

The dining experience at 6HEAD

At 6HEAD every detail has been carefully planned and executed by careful, experienced professionals, all in order to create a spectacular dining experience whether you come in for a casual meal or a special event.

Here’s a little more about the dining experience at 6HEAD and what makes us one of Sydney and Perth’s premier restaurants.

6HEAD Gold A

The Service

At 6HEAD, all diners have a personalised waiter who will serve their table for the entire meal. This way, you’ll be able to form a connection, and they can help you with your meal and drink choices as they learn more about what you like.

This service also includes silver tray display service. When you order any of our premium steaks, your waiter will carve the steak at the table for that extra flair and the freshest cut.

6HEAD Gold A

The sommelier team

6HEAD is proud of our curated selection of wines from around Australia and the world. We offer a wide range of varietals designed to suit all tastes and pair well with our a la carte menu. The wine list is specially created for each restaurant with a showcase of the best local wines, across the Hunter Valley, Yarra Valley, Tasmania, Barossa Valley, Adelaide Hills and Margaret River.

We have recently been again awarded with the renowned ‘3 Glass’ rating in the Australian Wine List of the Year Awards thanks to our dedication and passion for wine and beverages.

And because no good wine list is complete without trained professionals who know it well, we have a skilled team of sommeliers who can help winers and diners to discover their new favourite wine, or find the best pairing for their meal.

6HEAD Gold A

The steak program

6HEAD’s history harks back to an infamous six head of Black Cape cattle brought to our shores from the Cape of Good Hope, and our steak program today retains these ties with Australia’s most renowned beef selections across the country. 

This includes our own unique dry ageing program, which has been designed to make dry aged steaks more accessible to everyone, and to meet the contemporary diner’s discerning tastes. Dry aged beef offers a superbly tender and flavourful profile, and is a must-try for every steak lover. 

In addition to dry aged steaks, 6HEAD is proud to offer Hokkaido A5 wagyu, one of the highest graded Japanese wagyu varieties in the world. 

Our wagyu comes from grain-fed beef with a marbling score of at least 6, making for some of the most succulent steaks in Australia.

6HEAD Gold A

The Sourcing

In order to source the freshest produce and the best ingredients, 6HEAD has fostered relationships with boutique providers from around Australia. We have chosen each provider based on their quality and focus on sustainability, helping to ensure that every dish and drink in our restaurant is as sustainable as possible while also offering a world-class dining experience. 

As an example, the beef you’ll find in 6HEAD has been grass-fed, grain-finished, and even given the occasional bite of chocolate for an extra treat. And of course, it’s all free from added hormones.