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Sydney a la Carte Menu

Join us for a sumptuous snack or delectable dinner in Sydney’s premier waterfront dining venue.

Our a la carte menu features an extensive selection of fresh, quality seafood, and a number of premium steaks options, including both Wagyu and a specialty cuts. Each dish is made with care, using fresh seasonal ingredients and cutting edge cooking techniques for a little taste of heaven in every bite.

Paired with an award-winning wine selection and some of the best waterfront dining views in Australia, 6HEAD is one of Sydney’s best restaurants.

**A $5 per person surcharge will be added on Sundays and public holidays. Also, a service charge of 10% will be added for all groups of 8 or more, applicable every day.

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Signature Snacks

  • Artisan Bread with Smoked Wagyu Butter
    Seven ancient grain quinoa loaf, smoked Wagyu fat butter, lava salt
  • House-Made Butter
    A selection of nori, porcini mushroom, honey & miso Wagyu fat butters
  • Garlic Brioche
    Confit garlic butter, Parmesan, avruga
  • Wagyu Bresaola
    Mayura 'Signature' MB9+, charred pickles
  • Wagyu Salami
    Mayura MB9+ cured by our friends at De Palma, pickles
  • A5 Hokkaido Skewer
    Charred pita, burnt chilli, avruga, crème fraîche, coriander
Signature Snacks
Raw Bar
6HEAD Gold A

Raw Bar

Learn more about the Appellation Oyster flavour profiles today.

  • Appellation Oysters 1/2 Dozen 46

    Oysters sourced from a series of estuaries across the East Coast of Australia

  • Appellation Oysters Dozen 86

    Oysters sourced from a series of estuaries across the East Coast of Australia

  • Kingfish Ceviche 35

    Cured Hiramasa kingfish, garlic crème fraîche, gin & citrus dressing, pickled radish, coriander

  • Yellowfin Tuna 32

    Seared yellowfin tuna, soy & sesame dressing, chilli yoghurt, shishito pepper, pickled chestnut mushroom

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  • XO Prawns 59

    Skull Island Queensland tiger prawns, XO butter, 6HEAD fermented chilli sauce, lime, pimento oil

  • Calamari 22

    Buttermilk & confit garlic marinated, southern-style coated and fried, served with yuzu lime aioli

  • Escargot 31

    Garlic & herb butter, smoked mozzarella, toasted buttermilk buns

  • Charred Zucchini Tart 26

    Pecorino shortcrust, pickled beetroot, Parmesan custard, black sesame dukkah

  • Mayura 'Platinum' Rump Tartare 33

    Condiments, Dijon mustard, Parmesan, cured egg yolk, whipped bone marrow butter, toasted brioche

  • Mayura 'Signature' Beef Shin 32

    Slow-braised, ras el hanout spiced, harissa, yoghurt & herbs, charred pita

  • Lamb Cutlets 34

    Yoghurt & herb marinade, romesco sauce, chimichurri, mizuna leaf

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6HEAD Gold A

Caviar Bar

Served with Wagyu butter croissant, crème fraîche, chives, shallot, soft-boiled quail egg

BLACK PEARL sources the finest caviar from carefully selected farms across the world. The farms have a strong understanding of consistency, quality and sustainability.

The Black Pearl Beluga is one of the world’s most precious and valuable caviar. Hailing from the ‘Huso Huso’ sturgeon, the largest of all sturgeon species. The Beluga pearls are smooth and even, with a unique sheen. The flavour is full bodied and creamy with a long aftertaste.

The Black Pearl Oscietra Gold is the rarest of the Russian sturgeon varieties. They grow and develop in the crystal clear waters of the Thousand Island Lake, Qiando, China. Oscietra Gold caviar is highly distinct from other caviars and has a marvellous golden colour. Its pearls are fairly firm and “poppy”, with a silky mouth-feel and a subtle nutty flavour.

The Black Pearl Siberian displays a mesmerizing shimmer. Subtle, fresh and multifaceted. You will taste the light salt cure and when inhaling, the fresh bright scent of the ocean will carry the alluring, yet lasting flavour of green walnuts through to the back palate.

The Black Pearl White Sturgeon is bred and grown in Calvisano, a small town located in the middle of the Po Valley in the north of Italy, an area rich in fresh spring water. It provides a creamy, nutty burst on the tongue with a distinctly crisp, clean finish. The flavour of this caviar is perfectly balanced with round notes, combining delicate nuances of the sea with light, buttery hints of pastry.

Black Pearl

  • Beluga - 10g 165
  • Beluga - 30g 450
  • Oscietra Gold - 10g 120
  • Oscietra Gold - 30g 350
  • Siberian - 10g 110
  • Siberian - 30g 300
  • White Sturgeon - 10g 90
  • White Sturgeon - 30g 200
caviar Sydney All Day Menu
6HEAD Gold A

Black Angus Steaks

Handpicked from the most unique and well respected meat programs in Australia. Grilled to your liking and served with your choice of chips or salad.

Collinson & co, MB3+

Collinson & Co are Australian artisan beef purveyors and only offer what is available. Their Black Angus beef is sourced from the pastures of South Australia, where abundant rainfall and cool temperature provide the perfect environment for producing grass fed, hormone free, naturally marbled Angus beef.

(Grass Fed)

  • Striploin - 350g 85
  • Fillet - 300g 95
  • T-Bone - 1kg 220
  • Tomahawk - 1.5kg 240

O'Connor, MB5+

(Long Grain Fed)

O’Connor is known as Gippsland’s finest beef for three generations. Grazing on what is undeniably Australia’s finest environment for producing premium beef. Their cattle are entirely free range, raised on a natural diet of pure pastures. Flourishing in the crisp fresh air, pristine water and nutrient rich landscape.

  • Rib Eye- 400g 98
  • Fillet - 200g 73
6HEAD Gold A



  • Rib Eye - 300g Grain Fed, 450 Days 135


Mayura Station is positioned in the pristine limestone coast of South Australia. Situated in an area perfectly sculpted with rich and healthy rolling hills and fertile soils which create the ultimate quality Wagyu beef. Mayura is considered on of the best and most accredited Wagyu beef produces in Australia.

  • 'Platinum' Eye of Rump - 300g, Grain Fed, 450 Days 72
  • 'Signature' Tomahawk, Grain Fed, 450 Days 370/kg

    Served with both chips and salad. Ask your waiter for today's selection

Hokkaido A5 Wagyu
6HEAD Gold A


Featuring exclusive and unique cuts. Grilled to your liking and served with your choice of chips or salad. Additional cuts available, please ask your waiter for today’s selection.

6HEAD Gold A

sauce on the side

  • Mushroom 6
  • Three Pepper 6
  • Fermented Chilli 8
  • Chimichurri 7
6HEAD Gold A

Something Else

  • Wagyu Burger 35

    Mayura chuck and brisket, raclette cheese, toasted bone marrow brioche bun. Served with your choice of chips or salad

  • Handmade Ravioli Uovo 39

    Truffle ricotta, fresh egg yolk, pecorino, shaved truffle

  • Toothfish 58

    Pan-fried fillet, lobster bisque, steamed mussels, avruga

  • Dry-Aged Whole Chicken 85

    Pan-fried and oven roasted, truffle butter, Madeira jus, shoestring fries

  • Lamb Shoulder - Made for Sharing 135

    Slow-roasted for 9 hours, anchovy salt, pine nut & herb crumb, eggplant caviar, lamb jus

Something Else
potato Sydney All Day Menu
6HEAD Gold A


  • Chips 10
  • Mash 16

    Pomme purée, burnt butter, chives

  • Pressed Potato 19

    Truffle cream, tobiko, chives, Parmesan

  • Brussels Sprouts 19

    Burnt butter, fermented chilli & honey glaze

  • Mac & Cheese 22

    Gruyère, mozzarella, raclette cheese, onion velouté

  • Baby Gem Salad 16

    Green goddess dressing, herbs, pickle brine

6HEAD Gold A

Sweet Ending

  • Wagyu Fat Chocolate Cube 26

    Chocolate mousse, Wagyu fat & honey, olive oil ice-cream, house-made marshmallow, freeze-dried manuka honey

  • Banoffee Cheesecake 24

    Banana cheesecake, dulce de leche, caramel mousse, brûléed banana, sable biscuit

  • Yuzu Lemon Meringue Tart 22

    Yuzu & lemon curd, torched Italian meringue, shortcrust pastry

  • Chocolate Orange Entremet 20

    Dacquoise, orange marmalade, hazelnut cream, chocolate mousse, orange creme fraiche, popping candy

  • Sorbet Selection 16

    A selection of seasonal house-made sorbets. Ask your server for today's selection.

  • Cheese Selection

    A selection of hard, soft and blue cheese, served with condiments and crackers. Ask your server for today's selection.
    $23 One cheese
    $32 Two cheeses
    $42 Three cheeses

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