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6Head: Sydney’s premier waterfront dining venue

6HEAD is located in Campbell’s Cove in The Rocks, an internationally famous and iconic spot nestled in the heart of Sydney. Our enviable location sets us apart as one of the best dining venues in Sydney – a magical “stop in time” restaurant experience.

Nestled in a pristinely preserved 1839 heritage building, Campbell’s Stores, crafted from chiselled sandstone and hand-sawed timbers, our Circular Quay restaurant offers breath-taking views of the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Opera House and the curves of the famous harbour.

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Bay 10 & 11, Campbell’s Stores
7-27 Circular Quay West
The Rocks, NSW
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Monday5:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Tuesday12:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Wednesday12:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Thursday12:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Friday12:00 pm – 10:30 pm
Saturday12:00 pm – 10:30 pm
Sunday12:00 pm – 9:30 pm
June 10, 202412:00 pm – 9:30 pm
October 7, 202412:00 pm – 9:30 pm
December 25, 2024Closed
December 26, 202412:00 pm – 9:30 pm
*A $5 per person surcharge will be added on Sundays and public holidays.

Getting to 6Head Sydney

6HEAD is located in Campbell’s Cove in the heart of The Rocks in Sydney. Take the train or ferry to Circular Quay, head in the direction of Sydney Harbour Bridge, and you’re only a short walk away. From Wynyard station, walk north down George Street towards the harbour and you’ll reach us in around 15 minutes.

For guests arriving by Uber or taxi, there is a convenient drop-off point located on Hickson Rd at the rear of the restaurant.

There are also a number of nearby parking stations in The Rocks as well as paid on-street parking:

  • Wilson Parking, Quay West
  • Wilson Parking, Clocktower
  • Secure Parking, 121 Harrington Street
  • Wilson Parking, 155 George Street
  • The Overseas Passenger Terminal

The Sydney Menus

Whether it’s a romantic evening for two, a birthday celebration, corporate lunch or you’ve simply got a craving for some of the finest Wagyu Steak, we think you’ll love what our menus have to offer.

Lunch: Overlooking the stunning Sydney Harbour, lunch on the harbour just got better at 6HEAD. Soak in Sydney from our outdoor terrace with direct views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. Your waterfront corporate lunch or daytime date spot is right here.

Dinner: Enjoy a waterfront dinner at 6HEAD and choose from our hand-selected dinner menu for an evening to remember. With a focus on quality, grain-fed meat, and a selection of fresh seafood, you won’t be disappointed.

Wine List: Handpicked for their quality our carefully curated wine-list is designed to showcase wines from only the best wine regions. Choose from over 250 wines and a wide selection of cocktails and beers.

The Dining Space

6HEAD brings together the best of both worlds, with a large, shady patio right on the waterfront of the most famous harbour in the world, and seating inside our intimate and warm historic home.

Enjoy a lunch of fresh seafood and our signature dishes from our terrace menu during the lunch hour, or book an evening meal to experience our traditional indoor setting. We also have a number of private venues to hire for groups of any size.

Our booking team will be happy to help you find the perfect seating for your experience with us, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Head Chef Sydney

Chef Thomas godfrey

Thomas Godfrey’s journey from budding home cook to famous chef started when he was just 12 years old. Growing up in a tiny town called Dolgellau in North Wales, Thomas took a keen interest in baking and cooking at home, where he enjoyed the process of creating something from nothing, and not knowing what the end result would be.

A self-described “tinkerer”, Thomas has always loved experimenting. It’s this passion for innovation that has led him to a culinary career in kitchens around the world – from an old country hotel in “the middle of nowhere” to Jamie Oliver’s restaurants in Cardiff and Sydney.

Since moving Down Under in 2016, Thomas has built a name for himself as one of the country’s top expat Australian Chefs, and now heads up the chef team at 6HEAD.

We had a chat to Thomas to find out more about his story and the process and inspiration behind his technique.

Thomas tells us a bit about his culinary background and how he came to join the team at 6HEAD. 

I started my career in kitchens at 14, when it wasn’t quite so frowned upon for kids to be working in kitchens or just working in general! Like a lot of people, I started off washing pots and pans for pennies and walking away from a week’s work with no more than a few pounds in my pocket.

At about 15, I started learning basic cooking techniques like how to prepare vegetables in an old country hotel in the middle of nowhere. I left school at 16 and started college, and after juggling that for a year I quit – which is really the single decision that led to me taking a career as a chef for life.

I got my first real job as a chef in a small restaurant where I got up-to-speed with working in the kitchen and started to learn pretty quickly what it was like to be a chef. After that, I took a job working as a grill chef in a steakhouse, where I found my love for cooking quality meat. 

At 20 or so I started looking for my next challenge, so I applied for a job in Jamie Oliver’s restaurant which had just opened in Cardiff. After a grilling interview from the head chef Gary, I got the job! There I worked my way up from a chef de partie to head chef over the course of the next six years, learning everything there was to learn about the trade.

Fast forward to 2016 when I moved to Australia and started working for Jamie Oliver Group. Not long after, I worked my way up to head chef and was doing what I love most: training young chefs from apprentices and cooks to their first positions running a kitchen. 

For my final year working at the Jamie Oliver Group, I took up the role of senior head chef in Australia, overseeing all food operations across four sites in four states, rolling out two menus and completely overhauling the core menu to focus on what we did best.

What are some of the key lessons you learnt as a young chef? 

To be honest, I realised that I had learnt to do a lot of things the wrong way when I was first working. That’s why I tell chefs that there isn’t a job in the world where you won’t learn something. Knowing how you have ended up with a poor plate of food is just as important to a chef as learning the right way.

At Jamie Oliver’s restaurant in Cardiff, my head chef Gary had a Michelin star background working with Gordon Ramsay and Marco Pier White, so he was a fierce leader. I learnt fairly quickly to be inquisitive and to stand close and learn as much as I could. Given his training and the fact we would run daily specials, it gave me the opportunity to learn a lot outside of the normal day-to-day menu. 

Where do you find ideas and inspiration for the dishes you create?

From the chefs around me – watching other people work with food is an amazing source of inspiration. There is nothing that hasn’t been done – it’s all about taking something that has already been created and moulding it into something new/ Being in the kitchen around ingredients and other chefs is really the only way I can get into the zone. All of a sudden, a brief outline turns into a full menu once you have some general ideas, direction and ingredients in front of you.

What is your personal ethos when it comes to cooking?

Keep it simple – don’t overcomplicate things. Most quality ingredients can speak for themselves and those that can’t can still scream and shout with simple techniques like slow cooking, roasting or marinating. There’s a misconception about the number of ingredients or complicated techniques that need to go into producing flavourful food. Basic cookery techniques and a little knowledge will go a long way for anyone cooking at home.

Head Sommelier Sydney

Vincensius Wijaya

Intro content pending

What sparked your passion for the world of wine, and when did you decide to pursue your career as sommelier?

Food and wine has been of historical and cultural importance to the western civilization. It is an exciting opportunity for me to embrace and experience what the culture is all about. Wine is more an evolving object rather than simply a delicious beverage, there is a historical value it carries within. It is also exciting to explore how one grape variety can be so different when they are cultivated at different regions, or even within the same region, at different vintages with the same producer. The intention of becoming sommelier is sparked by the curiosity to explore the world of wine in depth, and to explore what was, what is and what will be in terms of winemaking tradition & trends, and also personal commitment to the topic of lifetime learning.

Along your journey to becoming 6HEAD’s Head Sommelier, what standout achievement or milestones have been significant for you?

Retaining our three glass status is vital, continuous improvement within the wine program, being able to attain & offer exclusive rare wines for our guests has been one of the significant achievements.

What is your favourite wine pairing that seems unusual but works for 6HEAD menu?

Marchesi di Barolo ‘Barolo Tradizione’ – Barolo, Piedmont with Pan-roasted Quail – Hints of spices from the wine match with the herbs for the quail’s marinade, while the opulent tannins from Nebbiolo grapes helps balance the crispy skin of the quail.
Ashton Hills Sparkling Rose – Adelaide Hills, South Australia with Mayura ‘Signature’ MB9+ Breasola – Natural acidity from the wine pleasantly balance the mouth-coating ‘oily’ sensation from the Marbling 9 Breasola. The clean aftertaste from the Ashton Hills Sparkling Rose gets you ready for the next bite of the Breasola.

What wines at 6HEAD have you seen are the most popular with guests and why do you think that’s the case?

Stefano Lubiana Estate Pinot Noir – Derwent Valley, Tasmania has been really popular here at 6HEAD Sydney. The wines were crafted with passion and meticulous detail, not to mention the strict biodynamic practice in the vineyard adding more value to it. The price meets quality and many guests are becoming more and more familiar with the brand.
Tait Family Winery ‘Basket Pressed’ Shiraz – Barossa Valley, South Australia undoubtedly is everyone’s favourite wine. Classic Barossa Valley Shiraz that fits its textbook’s definition and descriptors.
Domaine Naturaliste ‘Morus’ Cabernet Sauvignon – Margaret River is one of the most successful new entries. Elegant, yet holds powerful momentum and flavour precision. Perfect wine to pair with our meat program.

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