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Perth a la Carte Menu

Experience a culinary delight like no other at the newest waterfront establishment, 6HEAD PERTH

We present to you a journey that allows you delve into true luxury and elegance. Our alluring A La Carte menu will immediately grasp your interest with an extensive array of produce. Whether it is some of the highest quality seafood sourced from Perth’s beloved locals, premium selection of steaks from renowned providers, you will find that your meals have been sourced from all sorts of beautiful locations. From the Kimberley, to The Great Southern or even through the Abrolhos Islands, each dish in front of you is meticulously crafted like an art piece. Our chefs utilise fresh seasonal ingredients to ensure that your experience at 6HEAD leaves you with unforgettable memories and thrills from adventurous tastes.

To complement your meal, we present you an award-winning wine selection and waterfront dining views of Elizabeth Quay and the beautiful Swan River. If you have not dined at 6HEAD you have not truly dined in Australia.

6HEAD Gold A

Signature Snacks

  • Artisan Bread with Smoked Wagyu Butter
    Sesame crusted soy & linseed sourdough, smoked Wagyu fat butter, lava salt
  • Garlic Bread
    6HEAD Artisan Bread, garlic béchamel, smoked mozzarella
  • Wagyu Bresaola
    Mayura 'Signature' MB9+, with Lombardi chillies
  • Wagyu Salami
    Mayura MB9+, with house-made pickles
  • Karubi Skewers
    Mayura 'Signature' MB9+, garlic crème fraîche, harissa, garlic oil, Avruga caviar
Signature Snacks
Raw Bar
6HEAD Gold A

Raw Bar

  • Appellation Oysters 1/2 Dozen 46

    Oysters sourced from a series of estuaries across the East Coast of Australia

  • Appellation Oysters Dozen 86

    Oysters sourced from a series of estuaries across the East Coast of Australia

  • Hokkaido Scallops 33

    Scallop crudo, shio koji, heirloom tomato consommé, dill oil, samphire

  • Kingfish Ceviche 35

    Cured Hiramasa kingfish, garlic crème fraîche, gin and citrus dressing, pickled radish, coriander

  • Yellowfin Tuna 29

    Seared yellowfin tuna, soy & sesame dressing, chilli yoghurt, shishito pepper, pickled chestnut mushroom

6HEAD Gold A

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  • Mayura Rump Tartare 33

    Free-range egg yolk, condiments, Dijon mustard, bottarga, chicken salt & shoestring fries

  • Calamari 21

    Buttermilk and confit garlic marinated, southern-style coated and fried, served with yuzu lime aïoli

  • XO Prawns 55

    Skull Island Queensland tiger prawns, XO butter, 6HEAD fermented chilli sauce, lime, pimento oil

  • Escargot 31

    Baked escargot, garlic & herb béchamel, smoked mozzarella, toasted buttermilk bread

  • Burrata 29

    Confit peach purée, charred peach, harissa

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6HEAD Gold A

Caviar Bar

Served with Wagyu butter croissant, crème fraîche, chives, shallot, soft-boiled quail egg

Black Pearl

BLACK PEARL sources the finest caviar from carefully selected farms across the world. The farms have a strong understanding of consistency, quality and sustainability.

The Black Pearl Beluga is one of the world’s most precious and valuable caviar. Hailing from the ‘Huso Huso’ sturgeon, the largest of all sturgeon species. The Beluga pearls are smooth and even, with a unique sheen. The flavour is full bodied and creamy with a long aftertaste.

The Black Pearl Oscietra Gold is the rarest of the Russian sturgeon varieties. They grow and develop in the crystal clear waters of the Thousand Island Lake, Qiando, China. Oscietra Gold caviar is highly distinct from other caviars and has a marvellous golden colour. Its pearls are fairly firm and “poppy”, with a silky mouth-feel and a subtle nutty flavour.

The Black Pearl Siberian displays a mesmerizing shimmer. Subtle, fresh and multifaceted. You will taste the light salt cure and when inhaling, the fresh bright scent of the ocean will carry the alluring, yet lasting flavour of green walnuts through to the back palate.

The Black Pearl White Sturgeon is bred and grown in Calvisano, a small town located in the middle of the Po Valley in the north of Italy, an area rich in fresh spring water. It provides a creamy, nutty burst on the tongue with a distinctly crisp, clean finish. The flavour of this caviar is perfectly balanced with round notes, combining delicate nuances of the sea with light, buttery hints of pastry.

  • Beluga - 10g 165
  • Beluga - 30g 450
  • Oscietra Gold - 10g 120
  • Oscietra Gold - 30g 350
  • Siberian - 10g 110
  • Siberian - 30g 300
  • White Sturgeon - 10g 90
  • White Sturgeon - 30g 200


ARS ITALICA is situated in the north of Italy near Lake Maggiore. Oscietra caviar is prepared from the roe of pure Russian sturgeon. Historically, considered one of the most sought after in the world, the flavour is rich with hints of hazelnut and butter.

  • Oscietra - 10g 120
  • Oscietra - 30g 350


Kristal is the favourite premium caviar of the great KAVIARI chefs. It is simply beautiful, dark amber to golden in colour. Round and compact, the caviar is distinguished by its firmness and hold. It develops rich and complex flavours, with a very long finish of fresh almond, and sometimes, honeyed and floral notes.

  • Kristal - 30g 325
6HEAD Gold A

Black Angus Steaks

Handpicked from the most unique and well respected meat programs in Australia. Grilled to your liking and served with your choice of chips or salad.

Collinson & co, MB3+

(Grass Fed)

  • New Yorker - 250g 69
  • Fillet - 300g 95
  • T-Bone - 1kg 220
  • Tomahawk - 1.5kg 240

O'Connor, MB5+

(Long Grain Fed)

  • Rib Eye- 400g 98
  • Fillet - 200g 73
  • New Yorker - 350g 85
6HEAD Gold A



  • Rib Eye - 300g Grain Fed, 450 Days 135


  • 'Platinum' Eye of Rump - 300g, Grain Fed, 450 Days 72
  • 'Signature' Tomahawk, Grain Fed, 450 Days 370/kg

    Served with both chips and salad. Ask your waiter for today's selection

  • 'Platinum' T-Bone - 1kg, Grain Fed, 450 Days 380

    Served with both chips and salad. Ask your waiter for today's selection


  • Hokkaido A5 Wagyu 150

    150g certified A5, Master stock, seasonal greens, garlic oil, micro spring onion

Beef Marbling
6HEAD Gold A


Featuring exclusive and unique cuts. Grilled to your liking and served with your choice of chips or salad. Additional cuts available, please ask your waiter for today’s selection.

6HEAD Gold A

sauce on the side

  • Mushroom 6
  • Three Pepper 6
  • Fermented Chilli 8
6HEAD Gold A

Something Else

  • Jerusalem Artichoke Risotto 32

    Roast artichoke, koshihikari rice, soy egg yolk, artichoke crisps

  • Lamb Shoulder - Made for Sharing 135

    Slow-roasted for 9 hours, anchovy salt, pine nut & herb crumb, eggplant caviar, lamb jus

  • Wagyu Burger 35

    Mayura chuck and brisket, toasted brioche bun, braised onion, burger sauce, Provolone cheese. Served with your choice of chips or salad

  • Toothfish 55

    Pan-fried with lemon & caper beurre noisette, steamed clams, karkalla

  • Quail 46

    Pan-roasted with parsley & garlic bread sauce, bone marrow jus

Something Else
A bit on the side
6HEAD Gold A


  • Chips 10
  • Wagyu Potato 21

    Pressed potato, horseradish cream, Tobiko roe, garlic crème fraîche

  • Brussels Sprouts 19

    Burnt butter, fermented chilli & honey glaze

  • 6HEAD Mac & Cheese 22

    In-house creamed spinach sauce, smoked mozzarella, Parmesan, Cheddar

  • Heirloom Tomato Salad 24

    Persian fetta, blood orange & chardonnay vinaigrette, pickled cucumber

  • Baby Gem Salad 16

    Green goddess dressing, herbs and pickle brine

  • Mash 16

    Pomme purée, burnt butter, chives

6HEAD Gold A

Sweet Ending

  • Barbara 19

    Poached rhubarb, baked vanilla custard, butter biscuit and blood orange sorbet

  • Chérie 18

    Baked cherry & almond clafoutis pudding, cherry coulis and vanilla ice-cream

  • Coco 22

    Deconstructed chocolate & nut brownie, peanut butter caramel, chocolate mousse, Wagyu fat & chocolate ganache, dehydrated peanut butter and coconut ice-cream

  • Cheese Selection

    Today's selection of our specially curated cheese selection, served with condiments and crackers.

    $23 One cheese
    $32 Two cheeses
    $42 Three cheeses
    $52 Four cheeses
    $59 Five cheeses

Sweet Ending