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Celebrate Your Anniversary at 6HEAD | Australia’s Finest Venue & Event Hire

Celebrate the day the two of you became one at one of Australia’s best restaurants for an anniversary dinner. 6HEAD’s world-class steakhouse specialises in Modern Australian cuisine with an incredible 5-star dining experience.

Spoil your Special one

Dining Dome at 6HEAD

6HEAD: Your Ideal Anniversary Celebration Destination in Australia

6HEAD’s venues and scenic locations make the perfect restaurants for anniversary dinners. The lowlight settings and fanciful décor make for an incredibly intimate, warm, and sophisticated atmosphere that will immediately have you feeling right at home.

As one of the top anniversary restaurants in Sydney, our Campbell’s Cove location is a heritage building dating back to 1839 made from beautiful chiselled sandstone with hardwood floors and a modern interior. 

Our Perth address is situated in the popular Elizabeth Quay, the heart of the Perth CBD, in a brand-new building with imaginative contemporary furnishings. 


Why 6HEAD is a Top Choice for Anniversary Dinners in Australia

6HEAD’s dining experience is unrivalled. Our attentive service staff are knowledgeable about the menu and cannot wait to answer your questions, going above and beyond to deliver an exceptional service that will leave you both in awe. 

You will be given a personal waiter who will guide you through your dining experience for the entire evening, even carving your steak at the table and bringing it to you on a silver platter, literally.

You only get one day a year to go all out for your special someone. And we believe an anniversary celebration deserves a restaurant that can rise to the occasion. 

Let us help you give your significant other the grand gesture they deserve. 

Memorable Anniversary Dining Experiences Across Australia at 6HEAD

Our world-class dining experience is tailored for special events, celebrations, and milestones. From the moment you step into the venue, you will be delighted by every aspect of your experience. 

From the setting and the service to the menu, a 6HEAD dining experience promises to exceed expectations and create memories that will last a lifetime.

We have created long-lasting relationships with sustainable, ethical providers across Australia to ensure every dish is second to none while being considerate of the environment. 

Come to 6HEAD to enjoy the undeniably romantic atmosphere, be catered to on every level, and venture into a culinary journey far beyond anything you’ve experienced before.

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Reserve Your Anniversary Celebration at 6HEAD Perth or Sydney

Whether you’re looking for a private, intimate dinner for two, or would like to hire out the entire venue—we would love to accommodate you. 

Choose between our two bicoastal anniversary restaurants to host your celebration and rest assured knowing that you will receive the same exceptional service and sensational cuisine at both.

Exceptional Wine List for Your Special Anniversary at 6HEAD

For wine connoisseurs, our house sommeliers have sourced over 250 of the world’s best wines and are happy to guide you through your wine-tasting experience. 

Our chefs and sommeliers have collaborated to create pairings that elevate your taste profile and add to your overall dining experience. 

Each restaurant has its own hand-selected wine list, and we have been awarded the ‘3 Glass’ rating for the second year in a row, firmly cementing us in the upper echelon of Australia’s wine programs. 

6HEAD Red Wine List