6HEAD Dry Aged Meat

The Transformation of Meat Through Dry Ageing

6HEAD provides the ultimate dining experience for guests who enjoy premium steak options.

Our leading culinary techniques mean we only cook with great produce and ingredients that brings out great flavours. We do this through the transformation of meat through dry ageing.

Dry aged meat is unlike steak that you have ever tasted before, due to its tenderness and unbelievable flavour. Once you experience dry aged meat, you will keep returning for more.

What is Involved in the Dry Ageing Process?

The dry ageing process is a fine art. It involves placing the specially sourced meat inside a special open-air environment where the temperature, humidity and ventilation is carefully controlled. The exposure of the meat to the air draws out the moisture with natural enzymes slowly breaking down tough muscle fibres. This results in the meat becoming soft and tenderised. You can definitely notice the tenderness of our dry aged steaks from the very first bite. 

Over time, a hard crust forms on the exterior of the meat which prevents the meat from drying out. The inside is red, moist and shrinks in size. Bacteria, moulds and yeasts form during the dry ageing process. This can be likened to the veins found in blue cheese which add more intensity to the flavour.

Dry ageing steak takes time, ranging from a few weeks up to a few months depending on how strong of a flavour the chef is seeking. Like wine that has been oak barrel aged, the flavours are more powerful and intense the longer a steak is dry aged. Steaks aged for as long as 90 days, or even 120 days, are rare due to the time and preparation required. These can be found at 6HEAD, please ask your waiter for the daily selection.

The Taste of Dry Aged Steak

Dry ageing brings steak to a whole new level. Any steak lover can taste the difference. There is a heightened richness in flavour with dry aged steak. The meat tastes beefier and you may also come across a nutty flavour or subtle hints of butter popcorn flavours.

The dry ageing process produces an extreme tenderness in the steak. This makes the meat effortless to cut through. It will literally melt in your mouth.

Dry aged steak is not standard steak that you can make at home. 6HEAD has the dry aged process refined so join us and have the ultimate experience of a perfectly cooked steak at our restaurant.

6HEAD Dry Aged Steak Program

At 6HEAD, our meat is dry aged in our in-house Dry-Ager cabinets. We have flavoured fats and rubs like truffle, porcini, Manuka honey and even chocolate. These make our dry ageing program truly unique. Our beef is dry aged from 6 to 14 weeks, the longer it is left in our cabinets  the more pronounced the flavour. We coat the meat with whipped Wagyu butter to slow down the dry ageing process even further.

Our special selection of steaks are sourced from quality Australian farmers. This ensures the perfect environment for the production of superb grass-fed, hormone-free, naturally marbled Angus beef. Ethical and sustainable, grass fed Angus is low in cholesterol and trans fat whilst being naturally rich in nutrients.

Dry aged steak is an incredible steak experience that will make it difficult to go back to standard steaks. The entire dry ageing process dramatically enhances the flavours and textures of steak. The meat can be compared to red wine that is aged barrel and matured. Dry aged meat makes it one of the ultimate steak experiences and is an exclusive menu item you can only get in a premium dining steakhouse. 

6HEAD has the perfect menu for lovers of steak with our exceptional selection of dry aged steaks. Our premium cuts include the Rib-Eye on the Bone, T-Bone and Tomahawk. Taste the transformation of meat through drying ageing at our 6HEAD restaurant. 

Book a table at 6HEAD today and enjoy the mouth-watering flavours of our dry aged steak program.

Chocolate Dry Aged Tomahawk

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