6HEAD is Sydney’s premium waterfront steakhouse, and our meticulous chefs are on a mission to serve up the best steak in Sydney – we know what it takes to make the best steak, and it all starts with choosing the right cut!


We know choosing a great cut starts from sourcing from the best meat, and 6HEAD has found Australia’s most sought after meat purveyors; Collinsons and Co and Mayura offering premium grass and grain-fed cuts. 

When we think of steak, we think of the 6 most common cuts: sirloin, rump, rib-eye, fillet, T-bone and tomahawk. Our menu offers all 6 premium cuts prepared so that the subtle flavours of the beef are accentuated and never disguised using marinades.

We use both grass-fed and grain feed beef and you can rest assured both are juicy, tender and are excellent sources of nutrients – Believe it or not but all cattle begin on grass and then the grain-fed battle move on to elevate and enhance their marbling for a more buttery flavour.


Premium beef is sourced from cattle that thrive in their environment. Grass-fed cattle should have access to quality grass – which comes from a climate with abundant rainfall. This is why we tend to see most of our cuts come from the South Australian and Victorian Hinterlands. 

Wagyu beef is best sourced from cattle that pasture in limestone hills – to allow for the right amount of calcium intake when needed. At 6HEAD we are honoured to be one of three certified Hida Wagyu restaurants in Australia  

Our exclusive in-house preparation methods further enhance the flavour of every cut by using the process of dry ageing. By dry-aging the steak, we intensify the depth of flavour, of our beef. Dry-aged steaks sit within a specialised dry-ageing cabinet for up to 12 weeks. Today the chefs are working on a new dry ageing technique which includes encasing Australian Wagyu in Chocolate Wagyu butter. This is what sets us apart and why 6HEAD offers Sydney’s most exceptional steaks. 

6HEAD is Sydney’s best steakhouse as we source and prepare the perfect cuts to produce the perfect steak for you to enjoy. Try our premium cuts of beef for yourself by booking a table today at 6HEAD.

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