HIDA Wagyu

What makes HIDA Wagyu so special?

The next time you visit 6HEAD, you’ll discover the new winter menu. A selection of appetising new dishes that have been carefully planned and presented by the talented team of 6HEAD chefs

One of those new dishes is a spectacular Hida Wagyu Skewer. This 100-gram certified Hida Wagyu beef skewer is served with caviar, garlic crème fraiche, and chives. It is a premium dining experience and a must-try for those who appreciate exceptional steak. 

6HEAD is one of just three Hida-certified restaurants in Australia, so this steak is already difficult to find. But, there’s much more to Hida Wagyu that makes it so special.

The Highest Graded Japanese Beef

Japanese beef is known for its world-leading quality, and is rated based on two factors to help give steak connoisseurs an idea of what to expect. 

The first grade is a letter that signifies the amount of meat yield, and can be an A, B, or C, with A being the best. 

The second grade is a number from 1 to 5 for the meat quality, with 5 being the best. This includes the marbling, colour, and texture of the meat. 

Therefore A5 is the highest Japanese beef possible, and is not typically available in supermarkets. 

Hida Wagyu beef is graded as A5 beef, signalling the exceptionally high quality in each cut, from its delicate marbling throughout the steak to the texture and colour.  

When talking about Hida, Execute Chef Scott Greve explained why your first experience with Hida is something truly special.

“When you eat Hida for the first time, you bite into it and it’s gone before you know it,” he said.

Raising HIDA Cattle

Hida cattle are a kind of Japanese black cattle that have been raised in a special area of Japan in the Gifu prefecture. Here, they live next to Japan’s stunning Northern Alps. They enjoy clean, fresh air and water, and are treated like royalty. 

They are not made to move around much at all, simply enjoying a relaxing, slow lifestyle on the pasture. This way, they don’t develop strong muscles, and therefore the meat remains extremely tender. 

To further increase the fatty strips throughout Hida beef – its marbling – these cattle are also given extra treats and fatty foods. 

Finally, rumour has it that Hida beef are given massages to help keep their beef tender. We are still trying to verify these claims, but it’s easy to wonder just how Hida beef is that tender when you try your first mouthful.

HIDA Preparation at 6HEAD

The final key component making the Hida Wagyu skewer at 6HEAD so special is in its preparation. 

We take the striploin, then age it in chocolate fat for four weeks before deeming it ready to serve. This helps to amplify the flavour profile and tenderness of the beef, ensuring this is one of the best steaks you will have in your lifetime, and possibly also one of the best meals. 

Make your reservation at 6HEAD to try the new Hida Wagyu skewer for yourself.

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