Pairing the perfect wine with premium steak

Pairing the perfect wine with premium steak

6HEAD offers some of the finest steak dishes in Australia. 

We are one of just three Hida-certified restaurants in the entire country, our in-house dry ageing programme promises exclusive cuts aged to perfection, and our selection of Wagyu steaks cements our place as one of the best steakhouses in Sydney

As such, it’s no simple task to take your steak dining experience at 6HEAD and elevate it even further. 

Yet when you find the perfect wine pairing – one that combines your personal preferences with a vintage that best showcases the flavours and textures in the dish – you’ll discover what it really means to enjoy a premium steakhouse. 

At 6HEAD, we understand how the right food and wine pairing can uplift a dining experience to new heights. Our in-house team is always on hand to provide suggestions, but you can also explore this quick guide on how to pair food with wine to find even more enjoyment in your meal. 

Fillet wine pairing

Our fillet steak is a 200g grain-fed Tender Valley cut. It is beautifully tender, but its main appeal is its ability to balance lean red meat with a mouth-watering juicy texture. 

Thanks to its relatively lean cut, a fillet steak can be best served by a light or medium-bodied red wine. Naturally, a Pinot Noir is an easy choice for any fillet steak due to its lighter flavours and subtle acidity. 

For example, the Mt Difficulty Pinot Noir from New Zealand’s Central Otago region is a classically smooth drop. This highly popular wine combines the ripe cherries with smooth tannins and a hint of earthiness and spice to gently balance the lighter flavours in the beef. 

New Yorker wine pairing

The New Yorker steak comes from the short loin, making it a tender and beefy cut with a slight satisfying chewy texture. It is very much a classic steak, and a great dining option for someone who prefers a traditional meaty dish. 

As such, it deserves a classic red wine to highlight its best qualities. Diners will typically opt for a beautiful tannic red, such as a Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, or Shiraz. 

In that case, it’s hard to go past a Cabernet Sauvignon from the Margaret River. In particular, the Moss Wood Cab Sav is a wine that seems as though it is made especially to be paired with the New Yorker. Balanced and complex, this vintage uses only top quality fruits, and offers considerable length in every sip for a wine pairing made in steak heaven. 

Signature Tomahawk wine pairing

A Tomahawk steak is a spectacular dish in its own right. Served with several inches of bone on, this rib-eye cut is a beautiful, premium selection either as a traditional steak or as a Wagyu. 

As a rib-eye steak at its heart, this is a particularly tender cut of beef, offering it an ultra-rich flavour with a soft buttery finish. A bold Cabernet Sauvignon is always a safe choice for a Tomahawk steak, but if you’re looking for something different, a Zinfandel can provide a sumptuous wine pairing. 

In this case, a Lowe Zinfandel from beautiful Mudgee offers something as special as the Tomahawk style itself. This beautiful deep red is both organic and biodynamic, and delivers a bright fruity bouquet with dark cherry notes, a hint of raspberry, and subtle florals in the background. Not only is it bold enough to stand up to a meaty Tomahawk, it also offers the fruitiness to cut through the richness of the beef. 

Dry aged steak wine pairing

Dry aged steak is something truly special. It promises an explosion of flavours in your mouth with a phenomenal tenderness. To stand up to the strength of this dish, you will need an intense, complex wine to ensure the meat does not overpower your vino. 

One such wine up to the challenge is the Proprieta Sperino ‘Uvaggio’ Nebbiolo from Lombardi in Italy. This compelling wine is powerfully aromatic, with firm tannins and layers of fruitiness to freshen the palate between bites. It is full of energy with a rich body and a long, complex finish that makes it the perfect accompaniment to a cut as rich and flavourful as dry aged steak.

Wagyu wine pairing 

There are many varieties of Wagyu, but if you’re unsure where to start, keep in mind the unparalleled levels of marbling – fat – in any cut. This creates an ultra-tender, heavenly and juicy dish that truly melts in your mouth. 

With a dish so rich, it’s best to find a wine that can offer a bold counterpoint to your meal. It will need to freshen the palate and underscore the flavours in the beef. Of course, if you’re opting for the top quality steak, you can do your meal justice with a top quality wine to match. That’s why an elegant and full-bodied Shiraz is a go-to choice for any Wagyu meal. 

As some of the best Shiraz in the world comes from the Barossa Valley, an excellent pairing for Wagyu is the Yalumba ‘The Octavius’. This is an old vine Shiraz, grown on some of the oldest plantings in the world and matured in Yalumba coopered oak octaves for 23 months. Universally beloved, this premium wine offers a complex palate with long, refined tannins and spicy perfume notes with a touch of deep red fruit aromas. 

This powerhouse of a wine is an exceptional choice with any steak, but will truly make the richness and flavours in Wagyu steak sing. 

Discover the best wine pairings at 6HEAD 

6HEAD is proud to be one of the best steakhouses in Australia, which means also offers a vast array of exceptional, award-winning wines from the best producers across the country and around the world. 

Diners can thoroughly enjoy exploring our wine menu, or opt for a professional suggestion from our friendly and knowledgeable staff. 

Make a reservation at 6HEAD and prepare for a sensational food and wine pairing to remember.

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