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Our guide to the best steak restaurants in Sydney

Australia is a country of steak lovers, and we have become world renowned for our premium steak restaurants across the country. 

In Sydney alone, there is a wide range of exceptional steak restaurants. Their offerings range from the prized eye fillet to the modern dry aged steak selections. These restaurants serve every kind of grass fed and grain fed steak on the market, each more succulent than the last. 

So the question is, which is the best steak restaurant in Sydney? Here are our picks for three of the best.

The Meat & Wine Co

The Meat & Wine Co is a premium Australian steakhouse with an Afro-centric twist. There are several locations across Sydney, including one in Circular Quay and one in Barangaroo. 

One of the key reasons why The Meat & Wine Co is one of the best steakhouses in Sydney is its exclusive AGED programme. This menu offers exceptional cuts of meat, aged in-house, with their own dry ageing techniques on site. Diners can opt for a standard cut of dry aged beef, or one that’s been infused with a subtle complementary flavour. 

The current flavour infusion is porcini mushroom. Diners will also find various inspirations such as truffle, honey and thyme, and even coffee throughout the year.

For those more interested in more traditional cuts of beef, the a la carte menu includes Monte beef, which is also exclusive to the restaurant, grain fed shorthorn, and tender grain fed Wagyu steaks.

R&B Grillhouse Drummoyne

For diners who love excellent steak but prefer a more casual atmosphere, R&B Grillhouse is the perfect fusion between upscale food and low-key dining. 

The steak menu keeps it simple, with 100% sustainably sourced Southern Highlands Cattle and four popular cuts to choose from. A 200g rump-eye, a 400g rump, a 250g New York striploin, or a 300g rib-eye. These grilled steak cuts are prepared with the restaurant’s signature basting and cooked to your liking. 

R&B Grillhouse bills itself as a ‘good times’ restaurant and a local favourite. They are focused on serving fantastic meals and a warm and welcoming vibe where you can truly relax. Yet even with how casual the atmosphere is, there is no denying the dedication for excellent steak at the restaurant


At 6HEAD we will always recognise and appreciate greatness in fellow steak restaurants. However, there is little doubt about the best steak restaurant in Sydney – us. 

Our steak selection is hand-picked from the most respected meat programmes in Australia. This includes the revered and award-winning Mayura Station on the Limestone Coast of South Australia. Our steak cuts include fan-favourites; the platinum eye of rump, a signature Wagyu tomahawk, and a one-kilogram T-bone steak.

For something truly special, our own in-house dry ageing program offers exclusive cuts aged to perfection and cooked to your liking. The dry-aged menu changes depending on availability, so speak to your waitstaff for more details. 

All of this at the heart of The Rocks, where the restaurant has a picturesque view of the Sydney Opera House and sparkling harbourfront. Make your reservation with 6HEAD today to secure the best steak restaurant in Sydney.

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