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All You Need To Know About the New 6HEAD Menu

An interview with Head Chef, Scott Greve of 6HEAD to provide insights into the new menu – the inspiration behind our must-try dishes. 

6HEAD provides an exceptional dining experience for any guest who walks through the restaurant doors. The focal point is the food with quality ingredients and fresh produce used to create beautifully curated dishes. 

Head Chef, Scott Greve provides insights into the new menu for 6HEAD and explains what guests can look forward to when dining at the restaurant. All available now.

Give us some insights into the new menu, What was the inspiration?

The new menu has been designed to highlight our new Specials Program. It showcases the best from our chefs and our suppliers everyday.  There will be up to five specials featured on a weekly basis including a pastry, pasta and seafood dish.

The Specials Program is a great opportunity for our chefs to get creative. Your dedicated waiter will run you through each option. 

What new items can be found on the new menu?

A new item is the Tasmanian salmon where we have done a take on the gravlax salmon. Our new seafood tasting plate has replaced the platter with kingfish, prawns, salmon and Appellation oysters. The spanner crab prawn cocktail is a spin on the classic prawn cocktail, absolutely delicious. It’s served in a shell with Marie Rose sauce and is a nice summery dish. The salted caramel tart is to die for. The pastry is very crumbly, not the usual shortcrust pastry.

What is special about Appellation Oysters?

Appellation Oysters is a cooperative oyster farm in New South Wales, Australia. The concept involves 60 estuaries working together under the Appellation umbrella instead of competing with one another. Each estuary is regularly graded and quality assured. It gives consumers the chance to taste a range of Appellation oysters from different parts of New South Wales. When you order Appellation Oysters on the menu, you don’t know which particular oyster you will get on the day but they are all very delicious.

What are the must-trys on the new menu?

The Flank Flatbread. During lockdown, we did a bit of menu development and had a play with the Mayura Wagyu flank. We cut it up, braised it, spiced it and put it through the pizza oven and came up with the flatbread. It’s amazing. Another must try is the Kombu king salmon, the blue eye cod with mussels and pipis and the pasta, Orecchiette Alla Norma.

The pasta and sauce is made in-house. It’s a very tasty dish.

I hear your butter is also made in-house, is that right?

Yes, the butter takes a day and a half to make and is made every other day in the 6HEAD kitchen. We go through a lot of butter, it is definitely a favourite! The smoked Wagyu butter is served with the Sonoma Signature Miche sourdough and our Wagyu potatoes.

Which dishes can be shared from the new menu?

A specialised banquet menu has been introduced where guests can share a seven-course tasting menu. The menu starts with our bread, bresaola, calamari, lamb tartare kingfish. You can choose between the Tomahawk or Rib eye and share your salad, sides and dessert. With lockdown lifting, we have found a lot of our guests coming in large groups, tasting many items from the menu and sharing it all.

So you have a poultry dish, the Game Farm Spatchcock?

Our supplier is a family run farm based in North Western Sydney specialising in poultry, duck, venison and wallaby. The spatchcock comes to us deboned ready for confit. Seasonal mushrooms served with the dish, which are currently a combination of portobello mushrooms and butter mushrooms.

 Our steak selection is second to none, but this poultry dish is a fantastic alternative.

Let's talk about the dessert - the Basque cheesecake.

The cheesecake is teamed with puff pastry, piped cream, rhubarb, rhubarb gel and the rhubarb fool. The hero ingredient is, of course, the rhubarb. Poached and transformed into a gel, every element is used in this dish.
Rhubarb fool is basically whipped cream with rhubarb flavours added in. If you couldn’t tell, I love rhubarb!

I remember as a child going to my granddad’s place where he would cut off the stalk and give it to me. I would walk around with a pot of sugar, dipping the rhubarb in. It’s such a great childhood memory!

What about the salted caramel tart?

Matt, our Sous Chef, created the Salted Caramel Tart. It is served with brown butter and almond crumb which is rolled onto the ice cream and tastes just like a Golden Gaytime! Everything balances out with the crunch on the outside and the softness of the ice cream inside.
The perfect way to finish a meal.

Finally, what can you tell us about Today’s Selection cheese plate?

One of our suppliers creates a cheese list for us that changes every few weeks. Always consisting of three staples; a classic brie, blue cheese and cheddar from different parts of Australia. The cheese combinations give diners variety. The cheese selection is served with rice and sea salt crackers, and sourdough if requested.

For a dining experience like no other, 6HEAD welcomes you and your companions to taste our delicious new menu. The menu will surely satisfy your taste buds and give you that unforgettable 6HEAD experience you’re familiar with.

Insights into the new menu

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