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Why 6HEAD’s beef produces some of the best steak in Sydney

At 6HEAD, our mission is to offer our discerning guests some of the best steak in the world. That’s why we source the highest quality beef from three of Australia’s most respected meat purveyors, and run an in-house dry ageing program to ensure the best quality and flavour in every cut of steak.

Serving up the best dry aged steak in Sydney

If you’ve ever had the fortune of tasting dry aged steak, you’ll know it has an exceptional depth of flavour. This is because dry aged beef is exposed to air so dehydration can naturally, further concentrate the flavour of the beef. Dry ageing produces a finer steak cut than wet ageing, where the beef is aged in plastic shrink-wrap similar to what you buy in the supermarket. 

At 6HEAD, our Executive Chef Sean Hall has tested dry ageing timeframes to find the ‘sweet spot’ for every cut of beef on offer at our restaurant. Storing the meat in our dry ageing cabinet gives our steak its trademark nutty flavours and aroma. Once you try it, you’ll know what sets 6HEAD apart as offering some of the best dry aged steak in Sydney.

What makes the 6HEAD steak superior?

Our menu focuses on six premium cuts of steak: rump, rib-eye, T-bone, eye fillet, scotch fillet and sirloin. Working hand-in-hand with respected local meat purveyors ensures the utmost quality in every cut – from grass-fed beef to top-grade succulent Wagyu with an unparalleled flavour profile. Each cut is prepared to perfection on the grill, and rounded out with complementary flavours designed to highlight the superb flavour of the beef.

To ensure the utmost quality of every cut of steak, our beef is served from three of Australia’s most respected meat purveyors:

Collinson & Co

Collinson & Co’s black Angus beef is sourced from the pastures of Southern Australia, where abundant rainfall and cool temperatures provide the perfect environment for producing grass-fed, hormone-free, naturally marbled Angus beef.


Mayura Station is located in the Limestone Coast region of South Australia. This area is sculpted with rich and healthy rolling hills and fertile soils – the perfect conditions for raising quality full-blood Wagyu cattle. Specially formulated feeding rations ensure an unsurpassed eating experience of unparalleled flavour profile, tenderness, succulent juiciness and silky mouthfeel.

Tender Valley

Specialist nutritionists at Tender Valley deliver a highly refined ration program of locally produced grains and products to complement the various maturing phases of the livestock. Animal welfare is also at the heart of Tender Valley’s operations, and the cattle are free to roam the farm as they please, which helps deliver the most tender, succulent meat.

Searching for the best prime steak restaurant in Sydney? Try our exceptional dry aged beef for yourself by booking a table at 6HEAD.

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