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Your Winter Weekender Guide to Sydney’s The Rocks

Sydney’s The Rocks is one of Australia’s premier attractions, with an estimated 1.2 million visitors exploring its historic streets every year. 

There’s an endless array of things to do and see in The Rocks, and it can be hard to know where to start or what to prioritise when you want to do and see it all. 

So to help ensure you see the very best The Rocks has to offer, even if you only have a weekend, we’ve created a weekender guide to The Rocks Sydney for this winter.



Begin your weekend like the locals do at The Fine Food Store. This local establishment is known for its exceptional coffee and even better breakfasts. Try their Belgian style waffles for something a little indulgent, a grilled polenta for something a little different, or their breakfast smorgasbord for two for a little of everything to share.

Walk Across The Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the city’s most beloved icons, so a walk across it (especially after waffles) is an absolute must. Head to the Bridge Stairs and head across for gorgeous views of the city, and consider stopping in at the Pylon Lookout to see the small museum about the bridge’s construction (and for even more views).

Head inside to The Rocks Discovery Museum

Winter weekends in Sydney can be chilly, so make your next stop indoors at The Rocks Discovery Museum. This sandstone warehouse covers the history of The Rocks from pre-European days to the present, so it will give you a better understanding of exactly what you’re looking at and exploring for the rest of the weekend.

A Light Lunch

One of Australia’s best French cafés is right here in The Rocks, and it’s the kind of place you’ll smell before you’ll see. It’s called La Renaissance, and it’s where you’ll find every kind of delicious baked good you could dream of. Sample a savoury, a pastry, or a slice of cake for a light lunch and to keep warm inside and out.

Explore the Laneways

Now it’s time to simply explore. Head out into the famous laneways of The Rocks and let yourself indulge in following the winding, cute streets in whichever direction takes your fancy. Nip into shops to see what’s on offer (try Aussie Outback for a classic Australian hat, or Aesop for beautiful local beauty products), or simply to warm up if you’re in town on a rainy, cool weekend.

Dinner & Drinks

For dinner, head to one of the best restaurants in The Rocks, 6HEAD. 6HEAD is a fine dining steak restaurant with an award-winning wine list and locally sourced produce. The new winter menu is a nod to comforting, warm meals done in new and surprising ways, but if you can only try one thing, make it a steak. Opt for one of the in-house dry-aged steaks, a grain-fed wagyu, or a classic fillet. 

Be sure to explore the wine and cocktail menu to finish your evening in style as you look out over Sydney’s lights – and start to look forward to another fantastic day tomorrow.



Enjoy a relaxing sleep in before making your way to Black & White Espresso. This Australian café promises simple yet utterly delicious brunch options, from a classic Lox bagel to their infamous ham sandwich, to a healthy breakfast bowl made from house-made bircher muesli. 

Wash it all down with some of Sydney’s best coffee and be sure to grab an extra one to stroll with.

The Rocks Markets

Sunday afternoons are made for strolling, so make your way to the famous markets of The Rocks for harbourside views and more quaint cobblestone streets as you explore art, jewellery, fashion, gifts and souvenirs, and more snacks and treats if you can manage it. 

Also be sure to see if there are any events on during your stay, as there are often workshops and yoga that you could join.

Have your fortune told

One of the most beloved attractions in The Rocks is The Argyle Oracle. Here you’ll find a variety of professionals skilled in palmistry, astrology, tarot cards, and numerology, so you can pay a visit to find out a little of what your future holds.

Fish N Chips by the beach

One of the most quintessential Australian things to do is to have fish and chips by the beach. So long as the weather allows, pick up a steaming hot pack of fish and chips (Fish at The Rocks, or Quay Seafood Fish & Chips are both great options), and make your way to Dawes Point. Dawes Point is a beautiful park located under the bridge by the water, so you can head here for a relaxed, low-key, and delicious way to finish your weekend and watch the sun set.

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