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The most versatile venue hire in Sydney

Finding a great venue for a Christmas party, work function, or birthday dinner can be relatively easy. All it takes is an excellent restaurant in a convenient location, such as 6HEAD. 

Yet for event and campaign managers who need something a little more from their Sydney venue hire, it can be hard to find a space that ticks all of the boxes. That’s especially true when you’re looking for something that’s practical, but also unexpected and magical. 

At 6HEAD, we believe we’re one of the most versatile venue spaces in Sydney. We’re an easy choice for function hire common events such as birthdays and retirement parties, but we’re also an excellent choice for everything from product launches to fashion shows. 

Here’s why. 

The 6HEAD venue hire space 

There are four distinct venue hire spaces available at 6HEAD, which you can hire separately or all together depending on your needs. 

The Walsh Room is a smaller, intimate gathering space with seating for up to 16 people at one large table. You can make this versatile space your own by bringing in additional decorative pieces and arrangements. 

Our outdoor venue space is large and airy, with one of the best views in Sydney as it overlooks the harbour and Opera House. There are relaxed and formal seating options available, with a wide array of possibilities for layouts and set ups. 

Bay 10 is an indoor, semi-private dining area that seats up to 30 people. With views of the Sydney Opera House out the windows and rustic exposed beams indoors, this is a contemporary yet relaxed space that can become anything you need it to be. 

Bay 11 is the final venue hire space at 6HEAD. It features seating for up to 54 people, and is semi private. This area offers plenty of natural light during the day time, and is beautiful lit with thoughtful lighting choices during the evenings. 

Bay 10 and Bay 11 are next to one another, and can easily be hired out together for larger functions. 

If you’re looking to do a complete buy out of the entire restaurant, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff to talk through the options. 

Venue hire for product launches 

Product launches are always exciting, but certainly come with their own challenges. Product launch venues must offer enough space for attendees as well as an area for presentation at the very least. However, the ideal venue space will also set the tone for the launch, with a welcoming, innovative, and exciting atmosphere that will support and uplift the energy of the event itself. 

From our intimate Walsh Room to our larger Bays, 6HEAD ticks all of those boxes and more. As well as providing an elegant solution for your product launch, we also offer exceptional food and drinks packages to ensure the fare is just as exceptional and inspiring as your new product. 

Venue hire for fashion shows

A fashion show is much more than the clothing. From the models to the venue itself, the entire event must work together towards a clear vision. Whether through bold contrasts or perfect cohesion, the event space for any catwalk plays a key part of the design choices in any fashion show. 

At 6HEAD, our event spaces set the scene for your fashion show. 

Consider our outdoor space, with its backdrop of the thriving Sydney Harbour and Opera House. This provides the ultimate catwalk for any collection made for metropolitan living, Australian styles, or international icons. 

Inside, you’ll find an elegant space with warm tones and touches of rustic charm through our exposed beams and concrete brick walls. This creates a beautiful, intimate stage for modern collections, understated sophistication, and modest style. 

Be sure to stop by our Sydney Harbour restaurant and event space to pace the area yourself and imagine your fashion show coming to life amongst our beautiful setting, all supported by our premium drinks and menu options.

Venue hire for art exhibition 

An art exhibition venue can be practically anything you want it to be. Banksy proved to the world that urban streets are the right venue for his works, and 6HEAD proves to art fans that a premium restaurant can be the perfect Sydney venue for your exhibition. 

Our restaurant is a hub on the Sydney waterfront, where passersby often stop to see what’s going on. It’s also a convenient location for attendees to visit from all over the city. But this venue is more than just practical for an art show. 

Our spaces are large enough to host a variety of works as well as a crowd to admire them, but small enough to offer an intimate setting where everyone can mingle, and where the artist can make their way around the attendees. Our drinks and meal packages make it easy to provide upscale beverages, snacks, and meals to all, and our beautifully designed spaces offer an easy backdrop for stunning artworks. 

With several different art event spaces on offer – or the option to book several at once or even the entire restaurant – you can make your exhibition in Sydney as small or as large as you need it to be. 

Be sure to speak to our events team to learn more about how we can arrange our venue hire spaces around your needs, and showcase your works in a way that elevates the atmosphere and beautifully highlights the work itself.   

Book our Sydney waterfont venue for your event

Whether it’s a product launch, meet and greet, exhibition, or something else, our versatile Sydney event space can offer the perfect venue for your needs. 

Our variety of small and large areas, food and drink packages, and willingness to get the details just right, make us one of the best venues in the city. Get in touch with our friendly team to learn more about what we offer, and let us know what you need to make your event a success. 

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