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The Different Textures and Taste of Seafood at 6HEAD

6HEAD is a premium Sydney steakhouse, with a heritage that ties back to Australia’s very first fleet. But there’s more to 6HEAD than just rich, world-class steak – another of our key offerings is our fresh seafood. Here’s a little more about the different tastes and textures of seafood from 6HEAD.

Seafood is hugely varied, with a decadent range of textures and flavours, with subtle differences and phenomenal tastes throughout. These are the different tastes and flavours of seafood you’ll find on the menu at 6HEAD


Oysters are a beloved delicacy, and are sometimes even popular with those who don’t particularly love seafood. 

They have a more subtle flavour profile than other shellfish, but one that is still somewhat salty. Oysters are soft and chewy in texture, and can vary slightly in flavour depending on their species and origin, but are typically buttery with metallic hints. 

Of course, oysters are usually enjoyed with delicious toppings such as a mignonette, lime juice, horseradish, and hot sauce. 


Calamari is a type of squid, and it can be prepared in a number of ways, which greatly affects its flavour and texture profile. 

Typically when marinated, calamari has a soft texture, and a subtle salty flavour profile of its own. This means it’s great at adopting any flavours you wish to give it. 

At 6HEAD, we marinate our calamari with buttermilk and confit garlic, then we coat and fry it for a flavourful dish that promises both the tenderness of marinated calamari and the crunch of fried calamari. 


Salmon is a beautifully rich, buttery fish that’s naturally quite oily and flavourful. It is usually quite tender, and when prepared well, will pull apart easily and feel like it’s melting in your mouth with every bite. 

The richness of salmon means it usually shines on its own, not needing much in the way of accompaniment to enhance those natural flavours. 

At 6HEAD, our Tasmanian salmon is served with a tiger milk dressing, smoked yoghurt, and avruga caviar. 


Kingfish is a popular fish commonly found in the cool waters off South Australia, and beloved across the country. 

It’s known for its rich flavour with a noticeable sweet twist, making it ideal for raw fish dishes such as sushi and sashimi – or how we serve it, as a ceviche. 

It is also quite a firm seafood, which is another reason why it’s so popular and why it works so well in an array of dishes. 


When raw, octopus has a soft and chewy texture, but when cooked, it becomes perfectly tender. 

Flavour-wise, octopus does not have a strong profile. It can be said to be a little like squid, or even plain white chicken meat with a hint of the ocean. Cooking octopus will help to bring out a subtle sweetness, and the method and preparation of cooking will also have a strong influence on its flavour. 

At 6HEAD, our octopus roll includes braised Fremantle octopus in a brioche bun with tartare sauce and burnt chilli.  


Prawns have a quite distinctive flavour that combines the saltiness of the ocean with the sweetness of prawns. 

They can be quite a ‘meaty’ seafood, and are typically best when served with only light additional flavours to allow those prawn flavours to shine. For example, our Prawns XO dish offers seared king prawns with XO butter and sweet Japanese wine. 

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