6HEAD's executive Chef Sean Halll

Q&A with 6 Head’s Executive Chef Sean Hall

Sean Hall’s love of food and cooking was born on his grandfather’s cattle farm in Johannesburg, South Africa. There, he learnt the importance of looking after the animals, as well as how different beef raising and cooking techniques could impact the flavour of the meat.

Sean’s culinary passion saw him complete his chef’s apprenticeship in the UK before honing his skillset under the guidance of renowned chefs Graham Harrower and Neil Dixon, and working with the Jamie Oliver group.

Since moving from the UK to Sydney, Sean continues to innovate as Executive Chef at 6 HEAD, incorporating new techniques, equipment and ingredients to refine his dishes and menus.

We had a chat to Sean to find out more about the process and inspiration behind his technique.

Where do you find ideas and inspiration for the dishes you create?

For 6 HEAD, it was vital to visit the site and location and experience first-hand what the guests’ surroundings would look like. Establishing the direction very early on in the process has been crucial to keeping us focused on delivering a beautiful menu.

We also worked closely with our amazing suppliers to source the best produce available. It’s very important for me and the team to understand the people and story behind all the amazing produce.

What is your personal ethos when it comes to cooking?

Sourcing the best produce and ingredients available and treating them with love and care. To me, great cooking is all about using classic techniques and letting the produce do the talking.

I also believe in minimising food waste in the kitchen – there will always be a use for leftover ingredients, and it’s and important for a restaurant team to understand that from the get-go.

Why is it important to use quality produce?

Using quality produce ensures our guests receive the best product available,  which is critical to a great dining experience. Working with the best suppliers also ensures continuous quality and consistency thanks to the passion and love they put into their product. Our chefs can then take those beautiful ingredients and create dishes that are truly special.

What culinary trends, techniques or ingredients are you most excited about at the moment?

The culinary world is ever-changing, which is what makes it so interesting. I am currently taking inspiration from African and Middle eastern flavours as they give food so much more depth and flavour.

I got to experience some amazing food and spices on a recent trip to the Middle East, where I particularly enjoyed exploring the local markets and discovering the locals’ in-depth knowledge of flavours.

What do you think sets 6 HEAD apart as an exceptional dining experience?

It’s very important that every guest feels welcome and comfortable when dining at 6 HEAD. Our ethos is to ensure that everyone we serve has an exceptional dining experience that creates an everlasting memory.

Our focus is also on delivering world-class service that is personal to each and every guest dining with us. That’s why I’ve created a menu that allows our amazing 6 HEAD team to walk guests through the story behind every dish.

6 HEAD’s menu has been specially curated by Sean to showcase seasonal, uncomplicated dishes designed to allow the produce to speak for itself. Working hand-in-hand with local meat purveyors and suppliers ensures the utmost quality in every dish.

Sample Executive Chef Sean Hall’s cutting-edge menu by making a reservation at 6 HEAD today.

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