Enjoy world-class dining at one of Australia’s most historically significant sites

Our Venue’s Taste of Australian Heritage

Nestled in historic Campbell’s Cove in The Rocks, 6 HEAD’s location embodies a rich cultural heritage that spans the history of Australia.

The Rocks: A brief history

Situated on the western shores of Sydney Cove, The Rock is the oldest part of Sydney and steeped in history. Prior to European settlement, The Rocks was part of the territory of the Gadigal of the Eora Nation, the Traditional Custodians of the Sydney city region.

Local Aboriginal people used the harbour for food and for transport up the Parramatta River. Campsites were located along the shore, particularly during the warmer months when fish and shellfish were a primary component of the local diet.

When Aboriginal and European people first came into contact, Governor Arthur Phillip estimated there were about 1,500 Aboriginal people inhabiting The Rocks, Sydney Cove and the wider areas of Botany Bay, Port Jackson and Broken Bay.

Post-settlement, the original buildings in the area were built using blocks of local sandstone – hence the name “The Rocks.”

By the 1840s, approximately 35,000 people lived in the Sydney Cove area. The Rocks had been established as the commercial hub of the city, and had also developed a reputation in some parts for debauchery and unsavoury characters.

Nonetheless, The Rocks was an active port area and one of the most important areas in shaping Sydney as we know it today.

The story of Campbell’s Cove

Campbell’s Cove on the east side of The Rocks, where 6 HEAD is located, is named after Robert Campbell, a pioneering and leading merchant in Sydney, a landowner, pastoralist,  philanthropist and politician.

The area is home to Campbell’s Stores, which are the surviving element of a complex of wharves and stores that began in 1801 with the construction by Robert Campbell of the first privately owned wharf in Australia.

Today, Campbell’s Cove represents a superb example of mid-nineteenth century warehouse buildings, now a rarity in Sydney. 6 HEAD sits among this historic landmark in a pristinely preserved 1839 heritage building crafted from chiselled sandstone and hand-sawed timbers.

6 HEAD’s enviable location in Campbell’s Cove sets us apart as one of the best dining venues in Sydney – a magical “stop in time” restaurant experience offering breathtaking views of the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Opera House and the harbourfront.

How 6 HEAD is inspired by Australian heritage

In keeping with our prestigious historical location, the concept behind 6 HEAD stretches back to Australia’s colonial roots, when steak was one of the rarest of pleasures. At the time, the First Fleet brought with them just six head of Black Cape cattle on the HMS Sirius, which vanished without a trace soon after arriving.

Eight years later, over 100 head of cattle were spotted 80 miles inland from Sydney, thought to be direct descendants of the six Black Cape cattle that had fled. This was proof that Australia had what it took to be one of the world’s great cattle countries – and it serves as inspiration for our ethos of serving the finest steaks in Sydney with beef sourced from Australia’ most respected suppliers.

Enjoy world-class dining at one of Australia’s most historically significant sites. Make a reservation at 6 HEAD today.

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