Raw kingfish ceviche

Get familiar with 6HEAD’s best seafood options

Sydney seafood has a reputation for being some of the best in the world, and there’s no shortage of options on offer when it comes to dining on delights from the sea.

But if you consider yourself a seafood aficionado, chances are you’ve already tried most of the city’s greatest hits, like Fish at The Rocks and Sydney Seafood Market. 

Looking for something new in the way of exceptional seafood? Searching for the best seafood platter in Sydney? Here are some of the top seafood options you’ll find at 6HEAD.

Market-fresh seafood platter

There’s no better way to sample all that Australian seafood has to offer than with a fresh seafood platter. At 6HEAD, our curated seafood platter features a selection of oysters, raw scallops, pickled mussels, smoked salmon, prawns and sea urchin – all prepared with minimal ingredients to allow the flavour of the produce to speak for itself. 

Sous-vide lobster tail

Lobster tail prepared using the sous-vide method yields flavourful and succulent lobster meat that’s impossible to achieve using traditional cooking techniques. The controlled temperature and closed cooking environment seals in the natural flavour of the produce, resulting in lobster that’s irresistibly juicy and tender. Our lobster tail is finished with herb butter and tarragon to round out the flavour of the meat, and is accompanied by a fresh, seasonal green salad.

Premium beluga caviar

Beluga caviar is caviar consisting of the roe of the beluga sturgeon, mostly found in the Caspian Sea. Prized for its rich and distinctive flavour and subtle texture, beluga caviar is widely considered the finest caviar in the world. Sample a taste of beluga caviar from the Caspian Sea at 6HEAD, paired beautifully with a glass of French champagne or a sparkling white.

Raw kingfish ceviche

Renowned for its pale pink flesh and sweet, rich flavour, kingfish is a diverse fish that lends itself to a variety of cuisines and cooking styles, including sashimi and sushi, grilling, steaming and baking. At 6HEAD, we round out the taste of quality kingfish with the nuanced flavours of watermelon radish, garlic crème fraiche, herbs, golden shallot, orange and lemon dressing, black lava salt and a hint of chilli.

Market fish of the day

Try a taste of the freshest seafood Sydney has to offer with our market fish of the day, prepared using simple techniques designed to celebrate the authenticity of the produce. Ask your server about what’s available at the time of your visit.

Find out why 6HEAD is considered one of the best seafood restaurants in Sydney. Make a reservation online.

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