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Celebrate Your Next Milestone Event With 6HEAD Sydney

Milestone events are the bright spots in our lives. The big moments. The moments where we put aside our day-to-day stresses and worries. To celebrate something wonderful.

It could be anything from Mother’s Day, to a 50th birthday, to a special wedding anniversary. As countless millions of our ancestors have done before us, we mark these milestones by gathering together. Enjoying one another’s company, and sharing a great meal. 

Here’s a little more about celebrating milestone events in Sydney at 6HEAD. 

Why celebrate milestone events in Sydney at 6HEAD? 

Life is short, and so often filled with stressful times and challenges. So really, why wouldn’t you take any excuse possible to celebrate the high points? 

Ultimately, getting together to mark special occasions is the best way to create fantastic new memories with loved ones. An intimate dinner for two on a special anniversary is just as magical as a huge birthday party with all the friends and family. Both can result in beautiful memories that last a lifetime. 

Celebrating milestone events at 6HEAD 

At 6HEAD, we believe every milestone is worth its own celebration. 

Our exclusive venue hire in Sydney offers one of the most spectacular views of the harbour from our enviable location in The Rocks. 

Whether it’s a wedding reception, birthday party, or even a corporate milestone event, 6HEAD has a variety of private and semi-private function areas suitable for groups of 14 to 84 people.

Additionally, you are also able to book the terrace area for a function, or hire the entire restaurant for your special event in The Rocks. 

Large group bookings can enjoy a specially curated group menu by chef Sean Hall. There are several options available depending on your preferences, and you can always chat to our team about meeting any particular needs or requests.

Why 6HEAD is for special events in Sydney? 

6HEAD is a premium steakhouse in Sydney, and one of the most desirable venue locations in The Rocks. 

Firstly, our main restaurant has windows looking out over the harbour, and a sun-soaked terrace that creates a celebratory atmosphere from the moment you arrive. 

Secondly, our functions team love hosting large groups. We have a variety of set menu options and beverage plans to help keep your party planning as smooth and carefree as possible. 

Explore our Group Info Pack for more details about making a booking for a large group (20 or more). Or send us a Function Enquiry to find out more about how 6HEAD can help you celebrate milestone events in Sydney.

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