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7 romantic winter date ideas in Sydney

As the temperature drops and the evenings get darker earlier, it’s a time for the romantics around the city to get out and discover the many cosy, sweet activities and attractions they can enjoy together through the cold months. 

Because Sydney is not a place that slows down just because of a little rain, or a place that shuts up shop just because of cooler nights. 

Instead, we don extra layers, head out into the city, and look for romantic wintery date ideas to keep the spark alive and keep warm together. 

Here are our top seven romantic winter date ideas in Sydney.

1. Take a whale watching tour

There’s something truly magical about seeing the giants of the ocean up close and in person, especially when you’re with that special someone. 

Whale watching in Sydney is at its best throughout June and July when the numbers of migrating whales are at their peak, so you’ll see more now than at any other time of year. You’ll likely see humpback whales, which are the most playful and are easy to see, or possibly Minke, killer, or pilot whales if you’re lucky. 

So dress warmly and book any one of the many cruises that leave from Sydney harbour or the surrounding coastline.

2. Classic date night at Luna Park

An amusement park is the classic date night experience, and it certainly doesn’t need to be warm and sunny to enjoy it – an evening in warm coats with hot drinks and holding hands can be every bit as magical as a summer’s night. 

There are rollercoasters, rides, dodgems, mazes, games, shops, and food and drinks, giving you everything you need for adrenalin-packed date with a loved one. Attempt to win them a teddy bear like they do in the movies, or simply grab a fairy floss and stroll amongst the lights and excitement and soak up the vibrant atmosphere together. 

The park is open over weekends only through winter, with later evenings on Saturday nights.

3. Work together to get out of an escape room

On days where it’s simply too dreary, cold or rainy to go outside, why not lock yourselves in a room and try to get out?

Escape rooms have become an incredibly popular activity over recent years, and offer a great adventure for couples who will need to work together to solve the clues. These rooms are no walk in the park either, as the riddles and puzzles are often so difficult that players need to ask for clues to reach the next step. 

This is the ultimate test of working together, and once you’ve escaped, you can head right back indoors to your nearest bar or restaurant to celebrate over a drink.

4. Go star gazing at the Sydney Observatory

The Sydney Observatory is a beautiful heritage-listed station on Observatory Hill, the highest natural point in Sydney Cove.

Here, you can take a night-time tour with your date. Tours include a guide through the site to learn about the area’s historical significance and to explore the grounds and hear stories about Fort Phillip and its bombproof shelter. Yet the most magical part of the tour is when you make your way up the astronomy domes and peer into the magnificent telescope for a peek at the stars and planets above. 

The observatory runs these one-hour tours nightly from Wednesday to Saturday. If the weather turns rainy, the tour may be cancelled with the offer to come back another night. 

5. Discover the Archibald Prize

The Archibald Prize is Australia’s largest annual art prize, and the competition is held every year from May through to September. It is a prize for portraiture, and is considered to be the most prestigious in the country. 

You’ll find it at the Art Gallery of NSW in the heart of Sydney, where you can explore the portraits and get out of the cold weather together. 

This year, there were 949 entries, with just 57 selected to go on show. For the first time ever, there were more works by women than men in the finalist selection (30 vs 27). You can explore the entries in the gallery, view the winning piece, and decide on your favourites (there is also a people’s choice award).

6. See the Scandinavian Film Festival

If your idea of the perfect date night is a cosy movie and a glass of wine, the Scandinavian Film Festival could be the perfect solution. 

This film festival is coming to Sydney from July 18 to August 9, so you and your love can get comfortable in the cinema, watch something entirely new, and even enjoy a drink on arrival as part of your ticket. 

This is a great way to get out of the house for a fun date night, but still stay warm, cosy, and relaxed

7. Treat yourselves to an exquisite meal on the waterfront

6HEAD is one of the most well situated restaurants in Sydney, as it perches on the waterfront overlooking the Sydney Opera House and harbour. This is a romantic date night for the location alone, but the dining experience is what really makes 6HEAD special. 

At its heart, 6HEAD is a steak restaurant, and offers some of the finest steak and aged steak dishes in the city. Yet there is far more on offer than beef, including premium fresh seafood meals and a number of exquisite vegetarian dishes, ensuring there is something phenomenal for everyone. 

The wine list includes more than 250 hand-selected labels, and has won awards for its depth of quality. 

Treat yourself and that special someone to a date night at 6HEAD to be swept away by the meals, the location, and the romance. 

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