6HEAD’S Western Australia Wine Selection

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At 6HEAD, we proudly showcase our exclusive Western Australian wine selection at our Perth venue—a testament to the region’s rich viticulture heritage. Featuring diverse and exquisite wines, this collection tantalizes the palate with the finest flavours and aromas from Western Australia’s acclaimed vineyards. 

With our luxurious ambience, exceptional service, and commitment to excellence, our Perth venue provides an unparalleled experience for wine enthusiasts.

Red Wine

At 6HEAD in Perth, our red wine selection presents an opulent tapestry of flavours, sourced from prestigious estates like Frankland Estate, Leeuwin Estate, and Castelli Estate. A few of our standouts include: 

  • Frankland Estate’s shiraz, which captivates with its bold notes of dark berries and spice, offering a robust and indulgent experience. 
  • Voyager Estate’s sauvignon blanc, embodying elegance and boasting a symphony of blackcurrant and cedar, creating a velvety finish. 
  • Cherubino’s ‘Laissez Faire’, which enchants with its delicate yet complex profile, exhibiting hints of cherry and earthy undertones.

Explore our wine list to uncover a world of unparalleled richness and sophistication, inviting you to savour the finest expressions of Australian viticulture.

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Howard Wine

We proudly present an exceptional selection of Howard Park wines, renowned for their distinct character. Among our collection, Howard Park’s Chardonnay shines brightly, offering a balance of citrus and stone fruit notes harmonised with subtle oak nuances. The sauvignon, meanwhile, reveals notes of blackcurrant, plum, and hints of spice, embodying the hallmark characteristics of the Margaret River region. 

Explore our wine list for our full range of Howard Park wines and more.


Our curated selection of Cherubino wines are celebrated for their diversity and exceptional quality. From their vibrant rieslings, renowned for their zesty citrus notes, to their elegant chardonnays with hints of stone fruit and a refined oak influence, these wines ensure a delightful experience for wine enthusiasts. 

Explore our wine list for our full range of Cherubino wines and more.

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6HEAD Red Wine List

Bunn Vineyard

Bunn Vineyard wines hold an irresistible allure, captivating wine connoisseurs with their distinctive charm and exceptional quality. At 6HEAD, we offer an impressive selection of Bunn Vineyard wines, from their robust shiraz, displaying rich dark fruit flavours and peppery notes, to their elegant cabernet sauvignon, characterised by refined tannins and layered complexity. 

Explore our wine list for our full range of Bunn Vineyard wines and more. 

Frankland Estate

Each bottle from Frankland Estate embodies the region’s terroir and meticulous winemaking. From their bold and expressive shiraz, brimming with dark fruit and spice, to elegant rieslings, renowned for their vibrant acidity and citrus zest,  our collection proudly showcases the unparalleled quality for which Frankland Estate wines are celebrated. 

Explore our wine list for our full range of Frankland Estate wines and more.

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Leeuwin Estate

Leeuwin Estate wines reflect a dedication to excellence and a passion for producing wines that capture the essence of Western Australia’s terroir. We offer a range of Leeuwin Estate wines, including their iconic Art Series chardonnay and their elegant cabernet sauvignon, revealing layers of blackcurrant and subtle oak. 

Explore our wine list for our full range of Leeuwin Estate wines and more.

White Wine

Looking for something light and refreshing? Our curated selection of white wines features esteemed varietals from estates like Picardy, Marchand & Burch, renowned for their excellence.  Picardy’s chardonnay entices with its harmonious blend of citrus and delicate oak, while Marchand & Burch’s aromatic riesling captivates with vibrant acidity and floral notes. 

Whatever your choice, each bottle of white wine offered at 6HEAD embodies the distinct character of its origin, from the Margaret River’s finesse to the intricate expressions of Great Southern’s terroir. Explore our wine list to discover some of Australia’s finest white wines, curated for those seeking exceptional quality and diversity.

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Our white wine selection highlights an exceptional range of Picardy wines, renowned for their elegance and nuanced flavours. Picardy’s chardonnay, for instance, presents a refined balance of citrus zest and subtle oak, while their pinot noir enchants with its layers of red fruit and earthy undertones. 

Explore our wine list for our full range of Picardy wines and more.

Marchand & Burch

We offer an enticing selection of Marchard & Burch wines, from their vibrant rieslings, celebrated for their zesty acidity and floral aromas, to their elegant chardonnays, exhibiting a delightful blend of citrus and subtle oak. Their pinot noir captivates with a harmonious fusion of red fruit flavours and earthy nuances, reflecting the Great Southern region’s finesse. 

Explore our wine list for our full range of Marchard & Burch wines and more.

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