6HEAD becomes nationally acclaimed at the 2019 Restaurant award& Catering Awards

6HEAD becomes nationally acclaimed at the 2019 Restaurant & Catering Awards

We’re proud and excited to announce that 6HEAD has recently been awarded as the best new restaurant in Australia in the 2019 Restaurant & Catering Awards. 

We were honoured with first place out of eight finalists and countless entries around the country, many of which are fantastic restaurants and incredibly tough competition. 

It’s no easy path to becoming one of the best restaurants in Australia, let alone winning the award for the best new restaurant in the country, and it’s something we know came from the hard work of everyone on the team, from our wonderful dishwashing staff who keep everything ticking over, right to our award-winning executive chef Sean Hall. 

About the R&CA Awards for Excellence 

The R&CA Awards for Excellence is a program designed to recognise and honour the best restaurants and caterers throughout Australia. 

This restaurant award is judged independently and is nationally recognised. It aims to highlight exceptional service and culinary talent, and to promote best practices across the industry. 

Also, the awards are held in each state, meaning that 6HEAD is not just the best new restaurant in Australia, but one of the best restaurants in Sydney in 2019. 

Australia’s service industry is world-renowned, and this award is a wonderful example of the accolades available to Australian chefs, restaurant managers, wait staff, and all those involved in creating an unforgettable experience for customers. 

What makes 6HEAD an award-winning restaurant? 

There are many award winning restaurants in Sydney and throughout Australia, and we have strived to be one of them since day one with everything we do. 

We believe we are amongst the best new restaurants in Sydney thanks to our exceptional leadership, dedicated staff, and unrelenting passion for exceptional food and beverages. 

Our goal is to serve the finest steaks in Sydney sourced only from reputable local meat purveyors. In fact, our steaks come from Collison & Co in South Australia, Mayura Station in South Australia, and Tender Valley. 

Paired with executive chef Sean Hall’s dry ageing tests and our in-house dry ageing cabinet, the preparation of these exceptional steaks truly set 6HEAD apart. 

Naturally, our menu is more than just steak. We also offer an array of fine Australian fare, from kingfish ceviche, to oysters and tuna tartare. 

Discover why we are one of the best meat restaurants in Sydney 

Located right on the waterfront in Sydney Harbour, there’s a lot to love about 6HEAD. 

As well as our meals, 6HEAD excels in every other aspect of dining. Our wine menu includes a handpicked selection of more than 250 wines, which have been collected to showcase the six best wine regions in the world. We are happy to offer many of these as ‘by the glass’ options to allow guests to taste as many of them as they like. 

Our waterfront views are exquisite, our service is second-to-none, and our restaurant is even available for special functions and group bookings. 

Make your booking at 6HEAD today to see for yourself what makes us the best new restaurant in Australia.

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