5 reasons to enjoy Christmas lunch at 6HEAD

Christmas Day is a time to relax with family and friends, enjoy an indulgent and delicious meal, and forget all about life’s stresses – and that includes avoiding cooking and cleaning up as much as possible.

Here at 6HEAD, we’re committed to creating the perfect festive atmosphere and serving phenomenal meals to celebrate Christmas in Sydney.

That’s why we’re offering Christmas Day packages, so if you’re looking for where to have Christmas lunch in Sydney, you can simply make a booking and rest assured that the details are taken care of.

Here are five reasons why you should come and enjoy the best Christmas lunch in Australia at 6HEAD.

1/ Premium Christmas lunch packages

Christmas lunch at 6HEAD is no average meal. Our lunch package includes a succulent four-course feast, which has been specially crafted by executive chef Sean Hall.

Of course, you’ll enjoy meals inspired by classic Christmas food, but with our own creative touches and twists. We only use fresh ingredients, and make the most of every dish with innovative culinary techniques and skilled chefs, making for a premium lunch experience that’s nothing short of incredible.

2/ A Waterfront Venue

When you’re wondering where to eat on Christmas Day, but want to make the most of the gorgeous Sydney weather, keep in mind that you don’t have to compromise and sit indoors in a dark restaurant.

6HEAD is located right on the waterfront next to the iconic Harbour Bridge, ensuring you can take in the sunshine sparkling on the water as you dine on an expertly prepared meal with family and friends.

3/ Delicious meals designed for kids

For many Australians, Christmas Day is all about family, and that means finding a meal that’s just as enjoyable for the kids as it is for the adults.

That’s why we have crafted two menu packages, one for adults, and one especially for kids. This gives the young ones (12 and unders) a fantastic three-course meal that’s designed with childrens’ taste buds in mind, so they can experience the indulgence of a special Christmas lunch with the rest of the family.

4/ Drinks Packages

What’s a Christmas celebration without a refreshing wine to complement your lunch, or a beer to enjoy with entrees?

To ensure you and your guests are well refreshed throughout the meal, we have created a premium beverage package that you can enjoy for two hours with your Christmas lunch in Sydney.

This package has been curated by our Head Sommelier Ben Preston, and includes a selection of our most popular and enjoyable drinks.

5/ Flexible Timing

Christmas lunch in Australia can mean anything from ripping open presents at the crack of dawn to enjoying a slow start and a sleep in before getting together for a massive lunch well into the afternoon.

To ensure you can enjoy your Christmas traditions at home, we are offering our lunch packages from 11am until 5pm.

To secure your spot at one of the best restaurants open on Christmas Day, be sure to make your booking for Christmas lunch in Sydney as soon as possible!

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